eriq the fifth

Welcome to my blog.

I will write my posts mainly in English, to make the blog available to a larger crowd. But I also recognise the need to sometimes express myself in my mother tongue, since it gives me more freedom and fluency. In those cases I will try to summarise the post in English.

About me

Registered nurse, specialised as a nurse anesthetist. In short, my job is to put people in need of surgery into a state of painless slumber (or deeper sleep), and watch over them during the operation. I am the fifth nurse anesthetist under the name Eric/k/q at my hospital, hence the name of the blog. It also sounds like a Swedish royalty.

I live in Sweden, in a small house with a fiancee and a daughter. I try to commute with my bike every workday. Reading, playing games (board/card/computer/video), renovating the house, thinking, doing stuff with my loved ones, traveling. And now, writing.